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Before the name of the New Testament had come into use the writers of the latter half of the second century used to say "Gospel and Apostolic writings" or simply "the Gospel and the Apostle ", meaning the Apostle St. The Gospels are subdivided into two groups, those which are commonly called synoptic (Matthew, Mark, Luke), because their narratives are parallel, and the fourth Gospel (that of St.

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Along our coasts, natural features like sand dunes and marshes or coral reefs and oyster reefs reduce wave heights, absorb storm surges and help stop erosion.

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Your profile on HER can be as simple or as in-depth as you want it to be: just add a textbox like you would a picture and write away.

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He replied that a big part of his motivation was to pay tribute to Beau—the book takes its title from Beau’s insistence, as he came to realize that he might not make it, that his father pledge “that no matter what happens, you’ll be all right”—and to help others who have suffered unimaginable loss understand that “one of the ways to get through tragedy is to find purpose.” But he also said, firmly, “I’ve got too much more to do to write an autobiography. I don’t consider my attempt to contribute to the public square finished.” Hillary or Bernie or anybody else.

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